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1. Why should I give my dog supplements?

All the nutrients necessary for their well-being are not always present in their daily food. In addition, supplements allow you to take a proactive approach to your dog's health and limit the risk of diseases associated with old age, such as osteoarthritis or skin problems. If your dog is already prone to these concerns, the use of supplements will help tremendously to alleviate them.


Our products are suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds, but we recommend that you introduce them gradually into your puppy's diet around 8 to 12 weeks of age.

3. Should Hello Jack products be given as a cure?

In order to notice an effect, it is advised to give your dog Hello Jack products for a minimum of 12 weeks in a row, respecting the quantities recommended according to your dog's weight. The necessary duration and the effects can vary from one dog to another. You can also give the supplements daily.

4. How long does it take to see results? 

In general, results start to be seen after 3 weeks.
For some dogs it may be faster, for others it may take longer. It all depends on why you are giving your dog our supplements.

5. Is Move only for older dogs?

No, older and younger dogs can benefit from Move's hip and joint benefits. Whether it's a simple walk, a hike or a short swim, every activity has an impact on our dogs' joints. 
Our supplement contains all the ingredients needed to protect joints, bones and ligaments now and for years to come. It's never too early to start!

6. What is Shine used for?

Shine is mainly useful for dogs with skin and hair problems. If your dog licks, scratches or sheds a lot, this supplement is the ideal product to help your dog recover a silky and soft coat. Moreover, during the moulting period Shine helps to regulate the loss of hair and allow a silky regrowth! (And less cleaning...)

7. What happens if my dog finishes all his Hello Jack supplements at once?

If your dog accidentally eats too many Hello Jack supplements at once, consult your veterinarian. Excessive consumption can upset your dog's digestive system and cause diarrhea and/or vomiting.

8. Can I give Hello Jack supplements to my dog with kidney disease?

We use high quality, raw ingredients in our products to make them as natural, effective and healthy as possible for your dog. Please consult your veterinarian first if you have any concerns.

9. Where can I find exact dosage information for the supplements?

You can find exact dosage information on the product packaging and in our online store. To do this, select the desired product. Then you can access the recommended daily dose for your dog.

10. What are the recommended doses for my dog?

For a dog under 15kg, 1 supplement per day.

For a dog under 30kg, 2 supplements per day.

For a dog over 30kg, 3 supplements per day.

11. Where can I find the expiration date?

You can find the expiration date on the sticker on the back of the package. If you cannot find the date or if it is not clear, please contact our customer service at hi@hellojack.eu for more information.

12. Where can I find safety information about the supplements?

Our products are completely safe for all breeds of dogs because they are 100% natural. However, we know that each dog is unique, with its own needs. Therefore, in case of illness, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian before giving our products to your dog.

13. Can people also eat your supplements?

No, although our products are not harmful to health, they are only suitable for dogs and not for human consumption. Therefore, please always keep the packaging out of reach of children.

14. Are your products grain free?

A thousand times yes!!! All without exception.

15. Why do you use insect protein?

We use insect protein in all our products because it is a perfect anti-allergenic protein source to suit a maximum of furry people. Moreover, because we are concerned about the environment at Hello Jacks, insect protein has the lowest carbon footprint!

16. How many supplements are there in a bag?

You will find about 60 supplements per bag. Usually 2 or 3 more 😜

17. What is the flavor of your supplements?

The one and only Peanut Butter flavor to delight your furry friends!

18. Do your supplements contain artificial flavors, preservatives or colors?

No, nothing like that! Even though some of the words in our ingredients may seem peculiar, our products do not contain any flavors, preservatives or artificial colors.

19. Are your products anti-allergenic?

Yes, thanks to the insect protein present in all our products which is anti-allergenic and the absence of animal and cereal substances.

20. Who develops your products?

A veterinarian, Nadine, and a doctor in animal nutrition.

21. Where are your products made?

Made in the heart of Germany by a small family group. Whenever possible, all ingredients are sourced in a short circuit (sweet potato coming from a 150km area).


1. How long does the delivery take?

Your order will arrive within 3 to 5 business days. 

*NOTE: Due to Covid-19, there may be delays. Time may vary depending on local carriers and customs processing time. If you still have not received your order after 10 days, please contact our customer service at hi@hellojack.eu

2. How do you ship my order?

Your package is shipped in a packaging made from 90% recycled paper and 100% recyclable. We work with the distribution companies Colissimo and DHL.

3. How do I change my shipping address for a current order?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes after you have placed your order.
However, if you wish to recommend us, you can change your address at that time.

4. In which country is the delivery possible?

We deliver throughout the European Union and in Switzerland.

5. How much is the shipping cost?

To France: €2.99

To Germany: €1.99

To the rest of Europe: €3.99

To Switzerland: €4.49