Hello Jack GmbH

Hi. We’re Hello Jack!

A team of vets, dog nutrition specialists and dog lovers who believe that healthy pets are happy pets.

At Hello Jack, we would like to lead a world where pet and pet parents live a healthier, happier and more sustainable life together. But first, a little on how we got there.

It all begins with love. The love and the complicity you share with your dog is one of the most positive energies existing on earth.


Canine health is in decline. And the most painful thing? It doesn’t need to be this way. In fact, the most common diagnoses made by veterinarians are preventable with the right support. More and more humans are taking food supplements, why not do the same for your dog?

Unfortunately, the animal feed industry supports intensive livestock farming which results in a high carbon footprint and is therefore super bad for the planet.


We create pet products which care for their health, their happiness and the environment.


Research and innovation

Our products are co-developed with vets and pet food scientists in order to have the most effective and functional product because it is with long-term prevention and proactive care that you and your pet will be able to enjoy more happy moments together


Our products are based on 100% allergen free source of proteins. Our protein is free from growth hormones and antibiotics, our veggies are free from GMO. We do not use cereals and do not take short cuts by adding sugar or useless fat because we do not want to solve one problem by creating another one


If it does not taste good… your pet won’t eat it. We use as much as possible raw ingredients and make sure that our products are the tastiest out there so that proactively caring for their health is also a treat


Care about the environment

The Impact on the environment is considered in everything we do. There is no planet B that is why we are using one of the most sustainable source of protein: Insects! We work steadily to limit our ecological impacts

Give back

Because every pet deserves to be happy, we –at Hello Jack- want to have an impact beyond offering great products. Every Hello Jacker does ½ day of charity work at a local shelter.    Every time you purchase an Hello Jack product, we sponsor the equivalent of a free meal to a selected Pet Charity

Be bold

Our success – and much of the fun – lies in thinking differently, keeping improving and not setting limits