Why neuter your dog?

Why neuter your dog?

Spaying or neutering has many benefits for dogs. It allows to avoid many diseases, such as testicular or uterine cancers. Thus, it contributes to improve the life of your pet who will be able to live better and longer!

3 reasons to have your male dog sterilized

To prevent unwanted reproduction

When a dog is not sterilized and is living with females, it can lead to unwanted reproduction. Considering sterilization can prevent this incident and thus reduce the number of abandonments or euthanasia of dogs.

For medical reasons

Diseases related to the reproductive organs are quite common in older dogs. Spaying or neutering can prevent tumors or prostate infections for example. This operation can also be considered to help manage these conditions.

To fight against behavioral problems

Some dogs have behavioral problems, such as running away, aggressive sexuality or important urinary marking. Spaying or neutering can eliminate or reduce these behaviors, which are caused by excessive testosterone secretion.

Sterilization options:

Permanent sterilization

This operation, called surgical castration, is performed by a veterinarian under general anesthesia. It consists of removing both testicles through an incision that is then closed with stitches. The healing process is quite fast for the dog, it lasts on average 2 weeks. Following this operation, the dog will not be able to reproduce.

Temporary sterilization

This technique of temporary sterilization allows to make a dog infertile for a determined period of time by placing an implant. This process is also performed by a veterinarian, and the effects will wear off after several months, giving the dog back its ability to reproduce.

Side effects of spaying:

Following a spay or neuter, dogs tend to gain weight. It is important to adapt the diet to avoid this effect which can lead to complications such as diabetes or arthritis. This weight gain is due to a lower metabolism and a lower energy expenditure. If the dog keeps the same diet, and especially the same amount of food per day, this will lead to weight gain.
A high-protein, low-fat diet will satisfy the dog more quickly while maintaining muscle mass. Your veterinarian will be able to advise you on the diet that best suits your dog, as well as the most suitable sterilization method.

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