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Green lipped mussels for dogs


If you're a pet parent, you're probably already aware of the difficulties dogs can face when it comes to joint health. Just like us, dogs can suffer from joint diseases such as arthritis and joint dysplasia. Nearly one in five dogs will experience joint problems in their lifetime, and the likelihood of developing joint disease increases with age.

You may be shocked to learn that by the time your dog reaches the age of 7, their chances of developing arthritis increase to 65%, and many of them find it difficult to carry out daily activities such as walking on walks or simply climbing onto the sofa!

So it's important to find ways to keep your dog's joints healthy. The best way to do this is to know the causes and warning signs of the most common joint diseases! It is also helpful to be aware of the genetic predisposition of your dog's breed. For example, Labradors are more prone to hip and joint problems, so it is important to address this potential difficulty at an early age. By applying preventive care methods earlier, your dog will have a more comfortable life in the long run! We can't say it enough: prevention is the best treatment!

At Hello Jack we always want to make sure we give all dog parents as much information as possible to help them stay healthy for as long as possible, so we wanted to tell you about this amazing crustacean that is the go-to ingredient for supporting your dog's joint health in the most effective way possible... the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel!

What is the green lipped mussel?

If you've never heard of green-lipped mussels, well, they're mussels... green-lipped! This is a breed of mussel with a very visible green border on the shell. This species of mussel is one of the largest and is native to New Zealand, which is believed to be the only place where they can be found in the wild. The Maoris, originally from New Zealand, have used it for years for its health benefits. But now more and more people are discovering and understanding the amazing properties that these molluscs can offer, both to humans and to our dogs.

What are the benefits of these famous green mussels for dogs?

When harvested under the best conditions, these mussels are an extremely rich source of important and beneficial fatty acids, omegas and minerals for the joints. These incredible qualities are not found in any other marine or plant life, which is why these mussels are so special when it comes to supporting and helping joint pain.

Studies have shown that New Zealand Green Mussels have been used to reduce pain, but their most impressive property is their high content of chondroitin and glucosamine, which means they are wonderful natural anti-inflammatories. So unless your dog has a shellfish allergy, these shellfish have no known negative side effects! Amazing, isn't it?

But as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory, they also help to;

  • Stimulate nerve cell function and increase muscle, tissue and organ stimulation
  • Support the circulatory and immune systems
  • Strengthen bones
  • Promote healthy and strong teeth.

Not only do they do wonders for your puppy's joints, but they also provide vital support to many other important body systems!

GLM: Green Lipped Mould for Dogs

When we discovered the incredible qualities of these wonderful sea creatures, we knew we had to make them available and accessible, so that our puppies could enjoy their benefits. As these special molluscs are used in both human and canine medicine, you can easily get them in capsule form, but this will not be very suitable for our pooches, who generally refuse to swallow pills, even if strategically diluted in their meal! However, what they will not be indifferent to are our Hello Jack Move supplements in the form of delicious Peanut Butter flavoured bites! Not only do our supplements contain everything your dog needs, but they will also delight his taste buds! The perfect way to take care of your furry friend and give him a treat at the same time ;)

Black and green mussels

There are a few differences between black and green mussels. First of all, the first difference is visual; green-lipped mussels are larger and generally more fleshy, and their taste is generally less pungent than that of black mussels.

In addition, green-lipped mussels originate from New Zealand, where they are farmed exclusively, and are therefore subject to very strict regulations. The quality of the water must be impeccable because of the way green-lipped mussels feed and quality control in New Zealand is extremely thorough. This means that green-lipped mussels are of higher quality, but also more expensive to buy.

Black mussels, on the other hand, can be obtained in many countries and are therefore more common. They generally have a stronger flavour and are easier to chew, but black mussels are naturally bred and there is no guarantee of similar quality to green-lipped mussels.


Whether you've heard of green-lipped mussels before or not, you now know a little more about their incredible anti-inflammatory qualities - a wonderful preventative and supportive way to keep your pet's joints healthy.

Introducing New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels into your dog's diet can not only support their joints, but also provide important support for other body functions and overall health, so you'll never make a bad choice when deciding to introduce your dog to this gem ;)

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